Baby Bump Pregnancy Trainer Digital Book
Baby Bump Pregnancy Trainer Digital Book
Baby Bump Pregnancy Trainer Digital Book
Baby Bump Pregnancy Trainer Digital Book

The Perfect Guide on How to Stay Healthy Physically and Emotionally Through Your Pregnancy...

(Plus that vulnerable phase right after you have a baby we call the 4th trimester.)

While Learning to Love The Changes Your Body Goes Through While You Are Pregnant.

(Plus the tools you need so that you DON'T have to be PERFECT with your workouts or nutrition during pregnancy!)

You’re looking around at your female friends and family members and wondering why the only things they’re talking to you about your pregnancy seem…. “filtered” shall we say?

I mean what they ARE saying isn’t anything you haven’t necessarily already heard, but you KNOW in your gut there’s a lot more they’re leaving out. Maybe they don’t want to alarm you by telling you that the possibility of hemorrhoids is one of the more favorable symptoms you might experience.

Perhaps they want to spare you the gory details of what happens during labor.... that there will be “ripping”.... there will be a LOT of blood during labor (this can be a normal part of birth.... but something nobody had warned me about!). That you might experience something called the "ring of fire" during labor which can feel like fire and burning while the baby's head crowns.

This is hard in the moment, but can be helped with a few tricks I have up my sleeve. Or they don't want you to know that (especially first time moms) might have extra long labors, and that it is NOTHING like what you see on tv.

Maybe they hope that if they fail to mention that there’s a high probability that your baby is going to be born with a superior set of lungs and will use them to cry CONSTANTLY.

It’s going to make YOU cry-- a lot. And you may not initially bond with your newborn right away which is going to bring on your first taste of MOM GUILT. I’m telling you this part of motherhood is ROUGH. You’re not somebody who can just go with the flow.

You pride yourself on being early to meetings and overachieving on almost every task you commit yourself to doing. You’re health-conscious and exercise regularly, but you aren’t sure how the rules change when pregnant and you want to make sure you are getting accurate information on nutrition and fitness so you protect you and your baby.

You also want to know what to expect, so you can strategize and plan--- and usually that means devising a Plan A, Plan B, AND a Plan C--- just in case you go into labor in the middle of a typhoon-earthquake-volcano eruption. Like I said…. You live to prepare for the unexpected. And now you’re in a position where you have no control.

THIS. IS. HAPPENING. NOW. You just want the truth so you can prepare for it.


Natalie Hodson

Baby Bump Pregnancy Trainer Digital Book

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