Writing Backpack Mini Course
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The Writing Backpack is an introductory writing course for entrepreneurs! We go over everything from writing mindset, to the nitty gritty of writing well, to modules that dive deeper into each specific type of writing you may be doing for your business. We go over writing an eBook, blogging, social media posts, emailing, and writing a sales page. This course is taught by me, Natalie, and my very own copywriter, Chelsy! If you want to learn more about writing for your business, The Writing Backpack is the perfect course for you!

Modules include: 
1: Writing Mindset
2: Anyone Can Write
3: The Nitty Gritty
4: Your Audience
5: Writing an eBook
6: Writing a Blog Post
7: Writing a Social Media Post
8: Writing an email
9: Writing a Sales Page

Natalie Hodson

Writing Backpack Mini Course

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